Auto Invest

Turn on your self-driving money machine

Watch your money grow while you sit back and enjoy the show. Auto Invest prevents cash drag, saves time and diversifies your portfolio automatically, all while giving you complete control over your investment strategy.

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Maximum returns

Invest your Available Balance without delay and let compound interest maximise your earnings. Bid farewell to the cash drag.


Time saving

Eliminate manual loan selection and save time while staying in full control of your investment strategy.


Diversify across multiple Loan Originators, loans, interest rates and risk ratings to increase your potential for stable returns.

How much do you lose if you do not use Auto Invest?

If you were to invest €5,000 at a 15% annual return, you would earn more than €15,000 in interest after ten years with reinvestment. Conversely, if you do not reinvest your returns immediately, you would earn €7,728 less. Why? Because when your returns remain uninvested, your capital experiences cash drag. In investing, cash drag occurs when capital remains uninvested or idle in a portfolio for a period of time, diminishing potential returns as it does not generate interest or income. To prevent cash drag, it is essential to reinvest your earnings promptly. By reinvesting through Auto Invest, you harness the power of compound interest, enabling your wealth to grow exponentially.

Starting with Auto Invest

You can create your custom Auto Invest portfolio or choose from three predefined portfolios. Predefined portfolios are ready-to-use investment strategies that help investors reach their financial goals without needing to create a plan from scratch. Let’s briefly discuss them.:

Predefined portfolios

All In Investor

Tailored for investors seeking extensive diversification across all Loan Originators.


Interest rate: 9.00%-20.00%
Remaining term: 3 to 6

Simple Select

Designed for investors who prefer medium-term loans with more consistent returns.


Interest rate: 10.00%-15.00%
Remaining term: 3 to 12

Long Run

Crafted for investors ready to invest for the long term, with an eye on higher returns.


Interest rate: 12.00%-20.00%
Remaining term: 6 to 24

Customised Auto Invest strategy

Personalise your portfolio size, set minimum and maximum investment amounts, specify preferred interest rates, loan terms and Loan Originators. You even have the option to choose whether to reinvest your returns, include loans you’ve already invested in or invest in overdue loans. Learn more about setting up your customised Auto Invest strategy and maximising its potential here.

Selecting the Right Loan Originators for Your Risk Tolerance

To empower our investor community in making informed investment decisions, we meticulously evaluate and score our Loan Originators. Lendermarket’s Risk Rating scores serve as a valuable indicator of risk, rated on a scale from 1 to 10. A score of 1 denotes higher risk, while 10 signifies lower risk. Assessing your risk tolerance alignment with your investment strategy is paramount. Review the Risk Scores of our Loan Originators by clicking here and delve deeper into our scoring system through our informative guide.