rewards program

Rewards Program

You can earn an additional bonus for all future investments and reinvestments. Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more about how to get your first bonus

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Rewards levels & bonuses

Enrol in the program

Enrol in the program

To start earning benefits from the Rewards Program you have to enroll first by depositing and investing at least €1000. Deposits made before Rewards program launch day (2023 XX XX) are not eligible.

Bonus payouts

Bonus payouts

Your earned bonus will be paid automatically to your account every month. The daily bonus calculation follows the formula below: (daily new investments) x (annual reward bonus rate) /360. Please keep in mind that the bonus does not apply for previously completed investments. Please keep in mind that the bonus does not apply for previously completed investments.

Level updates

Level updates

Your rewards level will be updated once per month. For example, if you level up from bronze to silver by depositing new funds today, you will start earning a silver bonus from the next month. The same logic applies if you make the withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Lendermarket investors, who meet following criteria:

  1. At least 90 days passed after investor’s first investment.
  2. Investor deposited and invested at least €1000 after Rewards Program launch day.

Yes. The rewards level is defined by invested amount value. Therefore you can activate a Gold/ VIP level even if you recently joined Lendermarket.

An additional annual bonus will be automatically applied to all of your new investments and reinvestments. As we will pay the bonus monthly, you can count your monthly bonus based on the formula: New investments per bonus counting period x rewards level bonus / 12. We mentioned several bonus counting scenarios in the Terms and Conditions.

You can always check your rewards level status in your investors profile, rewards program section. Keep in mind that recalculations happen on the very last days of each month, and the updates appear on the very first days of each new month. 

Please read the Rewards Program terms and conditions here for more information. If you have questions, we are always happy to help you via email: [email protected].